The Art Of Drowning
"Believe. Relieve. I'll end the world tonight. Overwhelmed with a deep repulsion for sights seen so commonly, now I have come to be a walking enmity, for humanity, the human blasphemy, I'll end the world tonight."-Smile
Like most American men the only real reason that I knew about AFI was because they were Goth as shit and apparently homosexual. Slander aside I politely ignored their Goth rock and moved on with my life. Luckily my curiosity got the best of me and I checked out they’re earlier stuff relatively. This is AFIs 5th album and apparently is Skate Punk. I still have no idea what the fuck that genre means but apparently it makes you want to not vote and skateboard in your high school parking lot. This is a pretty bad ass album, its nothing mind-blowing or genre defining but it makes you tap your toes and buck the establishment; and in the end that’s all you can really ask for. Check it out, its so 2000.


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