Too Tall Grizzly - Stream Of Unconsciousness

Too Tall Grizzly
Stream Of Unconsciousness
"Its not so much burning bridges as its covering my tracks. Well I got to put six degrees between us."-Pretendonitis
5/5 WeresoIndie life lesson. Always check out a band who you think their name is badass. You usually be pleasentlly surprised. Too Tall Grizzly is a metelcore band from the great state of Conneticant. Even though they be carpetbaggers their music has a dirty southern rock sound to it. Which means its fucking awesome. I dunno what it is about Georgia or racism but their brand of metalcore is pretty cool, at least to me. Check these guys out if you like to bring the ruckus, agree with Plessy v. Ferguson, like a little Every Time I Die in your music or just like to get drunk and start bar fights.
1. The Big Finish
2. Pretendonitis
3. Hollow Men Float
4. No Time For Lionel
5. Save Your Star Power
6. Brooks Was Here

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