Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam

Kevin Devine
She Stayed As Steam
"Some stitch in my mouth and I'm untying now. A concrete canal in a bomb border town, an echo in the rafters reminding you there was a sound. But you killed her in waves so she stayed as steam to hiss at you now."-She Stayed As Steam
5/5 As you all don't know I love me some Kevin Devine. The Brooklyn-ginger wunderkind is talented as they come. I'm sure there's those of you out there who will bash this as pussy emo singer-songwriter wannabe Dylan bullshit and you are right. But it sound so god damn good. This is an E.P he released in O'10. Its got a couple demos (She Stayed As Steam, Big Bad Man) a couple of cool remixes (Bag O Bones, Breathe Deep) and two live songs which are pretty baller. Get it if your a fan or if you never listened to KiDevine before, you'll like it or you wont...but you will.
1She Stayed As Steam
2Big Bad Man
3Breathe, Breathe Deep ("Hand Of God" RMX By Plosive)
4Another Bag of Bones (Devastation of Death Remix by Trevor Dowdy)
5Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (FM4 Session - Vienna, AT, 3.10.10)
6Ballgame (FM4 Session - Vienna, AT, 3.10.10)

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