Xaphoon Jones - The Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 1

Xaphoon Jones
The Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 1
"And if you drop your keys I hope there's a sewer somewhere very nearby. And if you're out of clean sheets I hope your new boy takes off and it's clear why. 'Cause everyday ought to be a bad day for you. And I would like to be your boyfriend so I could dump you. And I would like to be your garbage man so I would never have to pick up your trash again."-Bad Day
5/5 I'm always hearing Chiddy say on his songs how much of a genius Xaphoon Jones is, and as of right now with the evidence presented to me, I gotta say he's not that far off. This is a mixtape of remixes and mashups that sound so damn good. Im not gonna say its the best shit ever but there is some pretty impressive stuff on here. Check this and Chiddy Bang out cause they be doin it fierce.
1Intro: Finish the Quartet 0:48
2You Need (Clipse, Led Zeppelin) 3:18
3Darwin Deez - Bad Day (Xaphoon Jones Remix) 3:03
4Testify (Radiohead, Kanye West) 3:20
5Chiddy Bang - Pro's Freestyle 1.0 (Xaphoon Jones Remix) 2:02
6The Answering Machine 1:24
7Stuntin' Like Atari (Theodore Grams, Lil Wayne) 3:40
8Chiddy Bang - Fresh Like Us (Xaphoon Jones Remix feat. Theodore Grams) 2:18
9Marvin Gaye - Heard It Through the Grapevine (Xaphoon Jones Remix) 2:50
10Theodore Grams - Another Day 1:40
11Swimming in the Sky (Passion Pit, The Notorious B.I.G., Beyoncé) 2:04
12Theo's Apple Juice Break 0:37
13I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT) 4:53
14Darwin Deez - Radar Detector (Xaphoon Jones Remix) 2:53
15Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself: The Interlude 0:29
16Money 2:01
17Bmore SoulClash Mini-Mix 2:06
18The Bay vs. Diz (Strings Mix) 1:58
19The End 1:14

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