Come Get It I Got It

David Holmes
Come Get It I Got It
"In 15 years, the high school and college students who are experimenting with LSD, will be running many of our institutions and guiding public policy. Remember, the college students who are using LSD and marijuana today, do not comprise a criminal class. They are not drug addicts seeking to escape. They are your best educated, they are your most creative and your most courageous young people. And like it or not, they are going to build you a new civilization. Civilization." -Effectin'
4.5/5 Compilation of songs mixed and remixed by David Holmes (guy who did oceans 11 - 13 soundtracks). A lot of old school funk and trippy shit start to finish with a little narrative throughout. Overall its a fun listen and I'd recommend checking it out if your interested in this type of stuff at all.
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02.Sugarman - Sixto Rodriguez
03.Effectin' - The Free Association
04.Nobody - Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford
05.Tom Cat - Muddy Waters
06.Country Girl - The Johnny Otis Show
07.Strange Happenings - Rex Marvin & The Mighty Cravers
08.Mama Soul - Harold Alexander
09.Don't Mess Hair - The Free Association
10.Start of Something - The Free Association
11.Up Above the Rock - Ray Bryant
12.Gossip - Cyril Neville
13.The Monster - A Fascinating Musical Experience
14.Sweet Songs - Jujus
15.Make It Real (Ride On) - Betty Adams
16.Why (Am I Treated So Bad) - The Staple Singers
17.This Could Be Your Sister - The Free Association
18.Salut La Dolce Vita Pt 1 - The Free Association
19.House Music - The Free Association
20.Purple Haze - Johnny Jones and The King Casuals
21.Salut La Dolce VitA Pt 2 - The Free Association
22.Herbstplatte '69 - Valentin Mehler's
23.Stars and Rockets - The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
24.Ode a L'affaire - Andre Perry
25.Sounds Phoney - The Free Association
26.Don't Believe a Word - The Free Association

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