Brand New - Live On FNXradio

Brand New
Live at FNX radio
"It's sad to hold, but leave your shell to us. You explode, you firefly, you tiny boat with oars, feather oars. The world tilts back and pours and pours and so, you satellite, you tidal wave. You're a big surprise and I have one more night to be your mother" - Limousine
5/5 A cool live recording of Brand New playing a set before a show for FNXradio. Dont worry ive never heard them either but they sound legit. It comes with 2 awesome covers of Iron & Wine and Neutral Milk Hotel and a few original songs. It also comes with cool little interviews that are actually very insightful and give new meaning to some of the songs. Check it out just so you know what a Degausser is
1.Upward Over The Mountain
2.The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
5.Oh Comely

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