The Test Tube Casanova Brigade - Cold Feet

The Test Tube Casanova Brigade
The Cold Feet
"Please dont love me back. Its my curse that I need the chase to survive."- Feng-Schui Cabaret
5/5 Reposttttttttt!!!!! This is my buddy band from New Jersey. I should know what part hes from but I don't so fuck you. This EP came out in the summer and I gotta re-say that its pretty fucking fantastic. Do-Wop rock with clever lyrics and a dirty yet charming sound. Its like they would know how to pick a fine wine and then proceed to chug it until they blackout....essentially. They're busy working on their first full length and ifs its anything like this 3 song sampler than we're all gonna be in for a treat. Check it out and follow them, you wont be disappointed. Here's their Myspace, leave them nice comments plz.
1.Feng-Schui Cabaret
2.Tango del Myra
3.That'll Never Change

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