RX Bandits - Halfway Between Here & There

RX Bandits
Halfway Between Here & There
"What if i told you that you're a stupid whore and I want nothing, your life is such a bore to me. What if i told you I speak with honesty, you said yourself, girl ' The best things in life are free right now, right away'."- What If
5/5 Now as a rule of thumb I hate Ska music. Don't ask me why because I don't know, I just do. Maybe its because it brings so many people joy or the fact that white people love it so goddamn That being said I gotta admit I got a soft spot for the Bandits. This is there second album and its got a lot more of the Ska influence in it but that's OK I guess. Also What if has become one of my favorite songs. Check these guys out.
1What If2:38
2Ten Seconds Never Seemed So Long2:42
3Gun in Your Hand3:53
4Wrong With Me2:17
6Now or Never2:11
7This Time2:08
10Walk Away2:49
11Metal Man15:11

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