Fugazi - 13 Songs

13 Songs
"There lays no reward in what you discover. You spent yourself watching me suffer, suffer you words, suffer your eyes, suffer your hands. Suffer your interpretation of what it is to be a man."-Suggestion
5/5 Fugazi was just one of those bands who got it. Its weird to thing that this collection of EPs came out in 1989. There's not really that much you can say about this band other then listen to them. Def. bad ass shit.
1Waiting Room 2:54
2Bulldog Front 2:53
3Bad Mouth 2:36
4Burning 2:39
5Give Me the Cure 2:59
6Suggestion 4:44
7Glue Man 4:21
8Margin Walker 2:30
9And the Same 3:27
10Burning Too 2:41
11Provisional 2:17
12Lockdown 2:10
13Promises 4:03

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