OFWGKTA - Radical

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All
"Tell your bitch stop complaining bout her achey tits. A body is a temple, I don't give a fuck; I'm atheist. Make me stop, make me bitch she mad because I taped the shit and sent the tape to Ace and Taco, helped them fuckin bait to it. Master master, pretty bitch bashed ya black and white bitch, mixed like she moo and chew grass. In some concern I like the shit. I guess I kind of like my bitch if she wasn't a dyke motorcyclist with Tyson lisp."-Drop
5/5 This shit is fucking phenomenal. Ive been reading up on these gentlemen and it turns out they're all teenage hoodlums from Los Angeles. I dont know whats scarier, the fact that they're so young, the fact that they create some of the sickest songs Ive ever heard or the fact that they're all black. All three impressive on there own, but seriously this shit is crazy good. Not for the faint of heart mind you. Some serious horror rap on this album, but its so dammmnn good, def. not going to be played at a club anytime soon. Please listen to this and Free Earl dammit!

2Tyler The Creator - Splatter

3Hodgy Beats - Turnt Down

4Earl Sweatshirt - Drop

5Domo Genesis - Salute

6Mike G - Everything That's Yours

7Earl Sweatshirt - Blade

8Domo Genesis - Double Cheeseburger

9Hodgy Beats - Round and Round

10Ugly Girls

11Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler The Creator - Orange Juice

12Earl Sweatshirt & Mike G - Cool

13Tyler The Creator - Oblivion

14Hodgy Beats - Alright

15Wolf Haley - Leather Head

16Tyler The Creator, Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats - Up

17Swag Me Out (featuring Jasper)

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