Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down

Further Seems Forever
The Moon Is Down
"And on these boats, ride the hopes of working class boys, dreaming of girls, from far away points. And better things. Like winter flings and longing after spring has sprung. And they fly north when winter's done. And we get burned in summer's sun."-Snowbirds And Townies
5/5 Chris Cabreras first band and you can tell. Basically a hardcore dashboard, so that means bad ass. If someone gives you shit for like Dashboard or FsF then just punch them in the dick. Both are completely WeresoIndie approved.
1The Moon Is Down 3:12
2The Bradley 3:01
3Snowbirds and Townies 4:26
4Monachetti 2:42
5Madison Prep 2:54
6New Year's Project 4:14
7Just Until Sundown 3:14
8Pictures of Shorelines 3:12
9Wearing Thin 2:59
10A New Desert Life 8:52

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Shane Burch said...

This is an amazing album..Thanks for the post..