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Joe Purdy
"Well trouble I need your help this time. See there is this beautiful girl and she's with some stupid guy. If they could break up, oh and I could move in, then I think you and me well, we could be friends."-Trouble
5/5 As a rule of thumb I don't listen to music my mom loves (teenage angst). But I showed the old girl Joe Purdy and she loves him. And I love my mom so itSofatctSo, ad joc, Hominum infinitive I love Joe Purdy. But seriously I think this cat is amazing. Just him, his guitar, his harmonica and his emo ass self. You have no choice but to love this shit. Do it!
3This Morning Blue
4Woman Go
5Some Things Don't Work Out
7Just Another Old Love Song
9He Said She Said
10Rainy Day Lament

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