Hop Along Queen Ansleis - Freshman Year

Hop Along, Queen Ansleis
Freshman Year
"But open you eyes and you'll see the rays of the park in gold and green. This is for Sebastian from a friend, I know you'll ride again. Steady up on airplanes and the sea someday you'll be happier in air than you'll be on land then you'll say "so strange, this way that i float, on bending airplanes and swollen bones.'"-For Sebastian From A Friend
5/5 This is some cool shit. Folky, Poppy, Indie-ey. This chick def. had a cool sound. Also I like the way she says stuff real fast like. I dunno if she made any new stuff but this album is great if you like acoustic guitars, antelopes, or the supreme court.
1: 0:24
2Sirens 3:44
3For Sebastian From a Friend 3:55
4Elizabeth & Elizabeth 2:10
5The Cactus 3:49
6Failure 2:33
7The Big House 3:45
8Of My Brothers and the Bear 3:47
9Organ Song 1:48
10Hi Too Loo Rye 2:48
11Laments of a Mattress 6:03
12Bruno Is Orange 3:23
13Bride & Groom Hot Air Balloon 3:55
14The Goose & the Wren 7:33
15Workers 3:14
16The Drummer's Arm 2:24

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