Born Ruffians - Red Yellow And Blue

Born Ruffians
Red, Yellow & Blue
"We're going to make plans. We have plans to make plans, we're going to do it right we've locked it in our sights. I'll La-dee-da & they can Dum-dee-day We'll Tra-la-la all night and day we'll go far."- Barnacle Goose
5/5 You know whats also Indie, sounding like you're scared all the time. When this Canadian trio aren't busy listening to Justin Beiber and playing Curling (do you play Curling?) they are making some quality Indie Rock. This charming little release is full of ear perking instrumentals and quirky lyrics. They defiantly have their own little style going on. I think its cool and I like it a lot
1Red, Yellow & Blue2:32
2Barnacle Goose3:38
4I Need a Life3:26
5Little Garçon4:09
7Foxes Mate for Life4:30
8Hedonistic Me2:39
9In a Mirror3:04
10Kurt Vonnegut4:03
11Red Elephant5:18

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