Nana Grizol - Love It Love It

Nana Grizol
Love It Love It
"I would tell you but i'm not so good with words, language makes a simple feeling seem oh so absurd. Anyway, my songs about contentment so far always end in verbs like "drive", or "run", or go to sleep, the damage has been done. Life's not made up of things that must be lost or won but you can live that way if that's what you call fun."- Motion In The Ocean
5/5 Catchy ass shit folk punk, whats not to love. This shit is hard to hate and easy to love. Its one of those I suppose. Plus his lyrics are clever as shit sometimes. This is just a good ol' time, check it for the shawtys.
1Circles 'Round the Moon
3Less Than The Air
4Motion In the Ocean
5Voices Echo Down the Halls
6Stop and Smell the Roses
7Tiny Rainbows
8Everything You Ever Hoped or Worked For
9Broken Cityscapes
10The Idea That Everything Could Possibly Ever Be Said

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