The Fall Of Troy - Martys Among The Casualties

The Fall Of Troy
Martyrs Among The Casualties
"Yesterday, today, and tomorrow never foretold! of time so far! And of the worlds and lives they would roam, those so many places, so far from home!."-Reassurance Rest the Sea
this was actually The 30 Years War first EP. That would be Thomas Eraks first band. It came out in 02. You can hear early signs of the fall of troy but their is a little uniqueness to it. Which makes sense cause it was the original lineup plus one so yeah Either way Erak rocks the shit out of it, a must for any fan of FoT. May angels lead you in FoT, you will be missed
  1. "A Tribute to Orville Wilcox"
  2. "Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes"
  3. "The Tears of Green Eyed Angels"
  4. "Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television"
  5. "Reassurance Rests In the Sea"
  6. "The Day the Strength of Men Failed"
  7. "Knife Fight At the Mormon Church"
+++ a few extra songs that sound like Bear Vs. Shark

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