All Get Out

All Get Out
All Get Out
"We're all gonna die, that's just life in time. The hallelujah, the by-and-by, we'll all fly away so high. There's a final turn to breathe, the smoke in my lungs ain't gonna help me. Its a speedy process of wasting all my breath on cigarettes."- Wasting My Breath
5/5 This was a pretty impressive EP when i first listened to it. I wasn't really expecting much and they impressed me with their Indie Rock lifestyles. They have a cool little sound going for them. I guess as unique as you can be given the genre. But most importatnlly its enoyable. And i like it so yeah
1Coach Connor
2Come My Way
3Water and God
4Like a Child
5The E.C.
6Wasting All My Breath
7Three More, I Guess

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