Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau
Paul Baribeau
"We danced to a beach boys song, in a yellow living room with the lights turned off. That was long before everything went wrong. You made a skirt from an old tablecloth, and I hope your new boyfriend think its real cute, and sometimes i wish that i could just chop off the chunk of my life that i wasted on you."-TableCloth
5/5 Paul Baribeaus first release. Same old bare-bones fast acoustic anti-folk. Heartfelt and true. I love this guy and you should love him to. His newest album came out i think. ust good music
2I Thought I Could Find You1:32
3Only Babies Cry2:41
5Boys Like Me2:23
6I Miss That Band1:24
7Brown Brown Brown1:39
8Never Get to Know2:43
10When You Go Back to College1:56
11Blue Eyes2:42
12The Pier0:56
13Help a Kid Out1:39
14Things I Don't Do1:04

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