Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy

Nightmare Anatomy
"Your last words to me "tonight's the night" meant redemption was harder than it looks. So take care of what you love and all this stuff are remnants of a life in shattered glass, it's all I have to ask."-Die Romantic
4/5 I know, don't say it. But i gotta say, its a cool thing when you listen to something you know is bad and you know everyone else thinks its horrible too, but you can still enjoy it. For all its faults there are some cool parts and i find it enjoyable for what it is. I read somewhere that this is a reject version of My chemical romance. And that sounds bout right
1Knife Blood Nightmare3:06
2The Last Sunrise3:43
3Die Romantic3:40
4Genetic Design for Dying3:28
6Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.)3:22
7It's Cold Tonight3:13
8Enjoy the View2:45
9Goodbye We're Falling Fast3:34
10This City Is Far From Here3:07
11See You in Hell...6:13

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