Dear Einstein, Fuck You, Love Hiroshima

My fellow Indie kids, I know our content has been lacking as of late. And to the 10 people who regularly visit our site we apologize ( the rest of you fuck off...But thank you for coming) as of right now I am in my spring break, hence the posting hiatus, and will be so till Monday. You would think I would be getting drunk and paying hookers to hold me gently but you’re wrong. Instead I’m in the midst of writing a 15 page paper/presentation of Woman’s Rights in South Africa. Yes random and yes shitty. Also our other writers are in the middle of actually living their lives. So that means we aint gonna have any post for a bit. The good news is you don’t have to be disappointed by our shitty content, and there is no bad news…..sooooo uhmmm yeah well be back. BTW did you know that South Africa has some of the highest incident rates of baby rape in the world WTF Mate. P.S USE THE GODDAMN SHOUT BOX YA BASTARDS

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