Blues Eyes Meets Bed Stuy

Notorious B.I.G
Blues Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy
"Tears don't affect me, i hit 'em with the tech g. Disrespect me - my potency is deadly. I'm shootin babies, no ifs ands or maybes. Hit mummy in the tummy if the hooker plays a dummy."-Dead Wrong
4/5 A Cool Concept. Some Good Songs On Here
  • 1.Juicy - New York, New York
  • 2.Everyday Struggle - A Day In The Life Of A Fool
  • 3.Nasty Boy - For Every Man There's A Woman
  • 4.Come On - My Way Of Life
  • 5.Interlude - The World We Know (Over & Over)
  • 6.Dead Wrong - In My Room (Nancy Sinatra)
  • 7.Let's Get In On (f. 2Pac) - Rain In My Heart
  • 8.Hypnotize - Little Green Apples
  • 9.Interlude
  • 10.Crack Commandments - Fools Rush In
  • 11.Runnin (Victory 2004) - A Long Night
  • 12.Unfoolish( f. Ashanti) - Out Beyond The Window

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