Alexisonfire - The Switcheroo Series

The Switcheroo Series
"Too late tonight, I'm gone and your miles ahead and I'm lost. Throughout this darkened scene, clear skies are what I need."-Today Im Going To Wash The Hippy
5/5 Awesome Split EP From 2 Canadian Bands...Damn Crazy Canadians And Their Rock And Roll
1. "Passing Out In America" (cover of Moneen's "The Passing of America") Alexisonfire 4:00
2. "Accidents Are On Purpose" (cover of Alexisonfire's "Accidents") Moneen 5:40
3. "Tonight, I Am Going To Wash The Hippy" (cover of of Moneen's "Tonight, I'm Gone...") Alexisonfire 5:47
4. "Sharks In Danger" (cover of of Alexisonfire's "Sharks And Danger") Moneen 4:46
5. "Bleed & Blister (version 2)" (original track) Moneen 5:03
6. "Charlie Sheen vs Henry Rollins
Alexisonfire 3:39

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