Shook Ones - Sixteen

Shook Ones
"Can I go back and redo the last 4 years? I miss the way things were, forced to move on. I like the bronzing of the leaves, wishing that’s how it always was, and the way I was. I hate change ."-Panic Attack On The Terrace
4/5 Hardcore Punks As It Gets, Gets Ya Blood A Flowin
01 Please Read
02 Crunch Time In Tooth Town
03 Panic Attack (On The Terraces)
04 I Try
05 The Never Underground
06 Attitude Is The Agent
07 Jersey Beach-Pail
08 I Take
09 Mexico 4 Life
10 Wishin' Roulette
11 Sheep Vs. Lynx
12 Bellingham Lads Club

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