Good deeds wont save us, Just true faith in Jesus

Oh serendipity you silly bitch. Spend some time looking for some emo rock and you’ll be hard pressed not to find this one of a kind acoustic gem. Owen (one part Capn jazz drummer, one part American Football singer, two part bad-ass motha) is the solo project of Mike Kinsella. For those who don’t know who he is its OK cause I just learned about him too, but take it from me he’s been a part of some of the most influential and underappreciated music the world has ever known…EVER. Band-wagon aside, No Good for No One is an emotionally driven train ride. Mike Kinsellas, your humble conductor, guides you through love, loss and loneliness and shares with you a one on one experience with true emo (I never asked to be nobody’s nothing!! =(…). Seriously though this album is great example of songwriting for those out there who are looking for music with something to say. Even though what Mike has to say is whiney and emo, you get a feeling that he’s a true poet and is speaking straight from his broken heart. Musically the album is very sparse and subtle. The acoustic guitar creaks and moans and the drums are as sporadic as his voice, at one point there slow and lonely, then sometimes they pick up and play. The real highlight of the album is Mike Kinsella of course. His soft and subtle voice bends and breaks the entire way through the album and you really believe this man and his heartaches. Vocally he peaks and dives and you never exactly know where he’s gonna go with it, a truly unique and beautiful voice (no homo). Lyrically this albums a sledge hammer, anyone who’s been in love or thought they’ve been in love or would like to be in love etc. etc. will immediately relate to this CD. And for the heartbroken, this CD is a must to get you through hard times (What else in this room reminds me of the relationship I’ve ruined….=(...) A heavy reflection into relationships and the ways of the heart, Mike Kinsella successfully paints a portrait of what love is, uncertain and unclear and eventually unforgiving. Because if Mike Kinsella has anything to say about it, love will leave you fucked up and alone, but at least you’ll be able to write a kick ass album.

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