Purpose and Direction,Conviction and Progression

What’s Good!!, my name is Sebastian Restrepo and I am a sophomore attending Purchase College in the fall (no homo). Me and my friend, Billson12, have been talking about making a blog for a real long time. But ,as with most capricious youth, we've been putting it off exponentially until it seemed like nothing but a dream. Fortunately for the world I randomly made this blog with the title of my failed clothing company(I get really bad ideas from time to time, this blog is prob one of them). I showed my buddy it and he was all for it. What we hope to accomplish with this experiment in electronic amateur journalism is to express how we feel about music. Billson has always had an ear for the unique and abstract within music. Dare I say he listens to "good music". As for me I have a genuine thirst for music (scenster?...maybe). I'm always looking for new sounds and songs to fill my brain and ipod. I would never call my self a music expert or even have a clue about what really makes good music. There plenty of others much more qualified for you to read, but what I lack for in knowledge I make up for with my.....my....uhmmm...hmmm. Well I really like music. In a way, with my eloquent babbling of course, I would like to consider myself a music lover. I don't like music because of its ingenuity or breakdowns( I would use real music terms but I don't know any...n00b) but I love music because it sounds good. Somewhere in my heart and my mind (mad homo) something happens, something changes. When I listen to music things happen, I cant explain it yet nor do I even know if I ever want to but hopefully through this little blog experiment I will better be able to express my musical views and understanding and maybe learn a few things. Life's all about learning. Without discovery the mind grows stagnant, with no progression how could we have something to create, to leave behind. Music is a form of progression for the mind. It opens new doors and forces us to see thing in new way. It shatters the old perceptions and beliefs and replaces it. When you listen to something really good it has a way of changing you. It doesn’t change you for minutes or hours but for months and years That’s the power of music, in a way what im trying to say is music isn't just music, its a tool for discovery, and all we have to do is hit play. Our minds and soul will do all the work...Peace&love

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