I Write to Remember

The word kick-ass is thrown around a lot these days (and by these days I mean the 90's). But for something to be truly kick-ass it has to quote unquote "Kick-Ass" and in all my years of faithful devotion to that vernacular slang known as K-A nothing has deserved the title more then At- the Drive Ins Relationship of Command. As soon as you pop in the disc you are bamboozled by Congo drums, funky guitar riffs and maniac maracas (lulz). You think your in for a crazy as acid driven samba experience then out of nowhere Cedric Bixler Zavala (coolest name ever) comes screaming in what I assume is english (BEWARE!!!). At that point you realize that your its time for school, and today's lesson plan is how to kick-ass (im gay). Musically RoC is a rambunctious rock album that kicks your teeth in and sells them to the tooth fairy for like five bucks. Guitars are ambitious and filed with grandeur and at the same time out of control, like a wild animal…with rabies and a thirst for blood (Quarantined is sex) and the drums aint half bad either. Many times (basically the entire time) you are overwhelmed by sound, and its your job as the humble listener to sort through the mess and find the genios-ocity buried beneath the bevy of guitar riffs (DAMN YOU OMAR). Cedrics voice isn't a good voice in the classical sense of the term but he fits in perfectly (I mean perfection) with the bands style, chaotic and contorted. Lyrically I have no fucking clue what these guys are talking about (Patterns against User…wtf). I can only assume that drugs had either nothing to do with this album or everything to do with it. It will take a few listens to decipher the sound and style of At the Drive-in and it's an overwhelming album for those unfamiliar with the band or its contemporaneity's, which are hard to find due to the uniqueness of the band. But once you get through the hot and heavy instruments and what seems to the ramblings of a mad man, the album is filled with plenty of moments for you to scream along to in your car, or any other means of conveyance (CUT AWAY!! CUT AWAY, or the part where he says BITCH-ASS in Sleepwalk in Capsules, at least I think he says bitch-ass). All in all its an amazing rock album that has plenty of replay ability, you’ll spend months just trying to figure out what he’s saying let alone what they mean. A fantastic display of musicianship and passion. TWO THUMBS UP

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