The Devil and God Owe Me Five Bucks

Self-examination is a funny thing because in order to truly find out who you are you must realize all your doubts and fears. Which sucks because that's not a fun thing to do. But after examining all those shenanigans you come out with a clearer and prettier picture. In the case of Brand New they didn't come out with a pretty picture they came out with the god damn Mona Lisa. B to the N, who in my opinion have been one of the "smarter" bands of our generation, especially with there lyrics (listen to your favorite weapon and tell me they aint got some writing skills) have always been in the fore-front of music ingenuity. They have never ceased to amaze me. But the truly amazing thing with this band is that as they got older there songs remained just as smart, but the musicianship has grown immensely. As hard as it is to believe they have grown more emo-tional. They started as a quirky pop-punk-band from a small town in long island (woot woot!!) and have grown to a true musical force. So with this new sense of harmoinal adulthood comes The Devil and God are Raging inside Me. From the first song Brand news lulls you in with their acoustic guitars and heart-broken voice. You think your in for a quiet emo driven ride through the country side and in no time at all you come to find out that your actually in for an emo driven ride through the country side, but the cars actually on fire(and it's a lexus, lulz). Sowing season is an excellent example how far Brand New has come musically and sets up the albums trend which tends to be…meh meh mahhhhh……..MAEHHHHH!!!!. (Listen to Degausser and you'll know what I mean). Even though they repeat the meh MEH formulatm many times it never ceases to give me the chills. Jesse Lacey has one of the most beautiful voices in the music scene (Lucas=beauty) and it’s hard to compare him to anyone because he truly is a unique singer/songwriter. On the subject of song writing the lyrics in DaGaRiM (lulz) are out of this world. The cover topics from maturing and change, to faith in Jesus to a real life long island tragedy (Limousine is a highlight in Jesses vocal and writing abilities). They left the ex-girlfriend direction and are now venturing into the spiritual and human aspects of life. Every song is self-examination into Jesse’s soul and you really have to focus in on what he saying to understand. You get a feeling that JL really dug deep into his heart to write this album, shaking the very core of who he is as a man, and his voice reflects that. If it seems like I have a man crush on Jesse Lacey is because I do (just read the lyrics to Jesus Christ and then you would understand). Musically Brand new is spot on. The drums immense and help progress the album and the guitar work are simply mind boggling. It creates an ambiance of openness space and then out of nowhere they tear shit up (You are not the Sun!!!) and if this is the first time you listen to Brand New you would be shocked if you heard how they started out. It really hard to truly describe my admiration for this album (which sucks cause im trying to review this). What im trying to say is that…..Life's filled with uncertainty and doubt, there no way around it. We spend our entire lives looking for the truth only to die with more questions. This album makes you look into yourself and ask those questions. It confronts you and forces you to answer the unanswerable whether you like it or not. Basically, this album kicks-ass. To me it’s essential to anyone music collection ands is hands down the best thing this band has ever done (that’s right I said it, wanna fight about it). There is so much good in this album that it’s impossible to call out anything that’s wrong. DaGaRiM (lulz) unique and powerful, moving and mysterious, kickass and gangsta all at the same time. Its is one of my favorite albums and I will be so bold as to put it in my top five and in my opinion it’s as close to perfection as they come. SO GO DOWNLOAD, I mean buy THIS ALBUM RIGHT NOW

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